Want to surround your everyday life with colour but don’t know where to start?

Now you do.

Caroline Duffy In Her Studio Sorting Framed Paintings

About Me

I’m Caroline Duffy and my passion is to surround everyday lives with colour and pattern, all inspired by nature.
Nature is everywhere – it inspires us, it energises us, it keeps us grounded. Put simply, I want to create pieces which make people smile, feel good and make them think differently.

While studying at the prestigious National College of Art & Design in Dublin, I fell in love with textiles and pattern. Everything about it – the colour, the feel of the fabric, how pattern flowed, the handcrafting, the digital manipulation, it was mesmerising and I was hooked.

After graduating from NCAD, I spent 10 years creating surface and textile design for Textile Houses in New York, Sydney and London. Then I decided to start my own design and art business. I wanted to fuse my ability, passion and knowledge of art and pattern design. Everything comes down to nature for me.

My mission is to make and design colourful pieces that creates vitality, happiness and intrigue to those who see them.
Whether it’s homeware or soft furnishing; a dress or swimwear, a painting on your office wall or home hallway, my designs and artwork will always delight and energise your day.

I really enjoy working with people like you because you have an idea of what you want and I make it possible.

Collaborate | Create | Commission

I work with clients on a collaboration, create and commission basis.

I collaborate with your team by looking at trends and research, then take a unique perspective on them while staying true to your vision. By truly collaborating with you, we create patterns – for surface or textile – that the end consumer will truly appreciate and value.

I create art by collaborating with interior designers to make the vision that they have – for a home, business or hospitality environment – possible. You can commission me to create any type of art that is personal to you…as long as it’s inspired by nature.

Hanging Paintings in Caroline Duffy's Studio
Caroline Duffy Sorting Paintings In Her Studio

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