My Story

My Story

(Well, a little bit of it)

Hello there! I’m Caroline and I thought I would introduce you to me and a little bit of my world.

Working from my home art studio, my big passion is to surround lives with colour and pattern, all inspired by nature. As an artist and designer living on the east coast of Ireland, I’m constantly inspired by the sea and mountains beside me. I just can’t get enough of grabbing my three kids and hubby and setting off for weekend adventures, forest walks and sea dipping whenever I get a chance! And there will always be a picnic in the boot of the car… as we all love eating outdoors!

Nature is everywhere – it inspires us, it energises us, it keeps us grounded. Put simply, I am always creating pieces which I hope make people smile, feel good and make them think differently.

While studying at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, I fell in love with textiles and pattern. Everything about it – the colour, the feel of the fabric, how pattern flowed, the handcrafting, the digital manipulation, it was mesmerising and I was hooked.

After graduating from NCAD, I spent 10 years creating surface and textile design for Textile Houses in New York, Sydney and London. Then I decided to start my own design and art business back here in 2008. I wanted to fuse my ability, passion and knowledge of art and pattern design. Everything comes down to nature for me.

My mission is to make and design colourful art and products that create vitality, happiness and intrigue to those who see them. Whether it’s homeware or soft furnishing; a dress or swimwear, a painting in your  home, I hope my designs and artwork will always delight and energize your day.

So there you have it… A little insight into my world and my passions.

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